We're a music store and stringed instrument shop in Beacon, New York located in the heart of the Hudson Valley featuring quality new, used, vintage and consigned stringed instruments as well as music lessons.  We also carry a wide variety of strings and accessories, art, gifts, CDs and vintage vinyl recordings.  It's a relaxed, low-pressure shop where we encourage visitors to stay a while and try things.  We're located at 393 Main Street, a few doors down from The Town Crier Cafe, one of the East Coast's premier acoustic music venues for the past 40 years.  We strongly encourage people to visit both places when they come by!
Winter Store Hours:  

                                                       In general,    Wednesday 12 - 8 
                                                                            Thursday     12 - 7
                                                                            Friday          12 - 7
                                                                            Saturday     12 - 7 
                                                                            Sundays      1 - 6  
                                                                            Or by appointment.  

If you're coming from a distance, please call ahead as we're also working musicians and may be on the road.
Tel. 845-765-8548.

News and Events:

Introducing: Edwina!
and more from
 Ear Trumpet Labs in Portland, Oregon

Remember the Good Ole Days when everyone crowded
around one microphone and it sounded great?
Well, you can now have that experience once again!

Philip Graham and Ear Trumpet Microphones have designed the ultimate high gain stage microphones that are now on the cutting edge of live acoustic performance.
Musicians such as The Milk Carton Kids, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, and Jerry Douglas all use Ear Trumpet Labs mics.

Stay tuned for the next in-store demonstration concert.

Come hear for yourself at Jake's Main Street Music.

Saturday February 21, 7:30 pm:

Jacob and David Bernz in Concert at Bank Square Coffee House.  The concert will feature a number of Jacob's new songs and some trads and a few of David's
as well.  We hope to see you there.

(We'll bring "Edwina" our new Ear Trumpet Labs Microphone.)

New Additions:

Introducing Eastman
New Eastman MD604.
Main street music is pleased to announce we now carry new Eatsman Mandolins. Currently we have this beatufull Eastman A style in stock this features all solid woods a solid spruce top with flamed maple back and sides. To get specs visit eastmanguitars.com. We also have a very nice Eastman F style  MD515 in stock. Stop by and check them out.

1960's Bacon longneck
Here for sale is a lovely vintage  (Pete Seeger style) Banjo featuring 24 brackets, rosewood neck with white binding and a wooden pot with bakelite shell style outer layer. I appears to have an original plastic head thats stained from years of playing witch gives it great character. The tone is classic 60's longneck sound. The tuners have been recently upgraded to the very best two-band planetary tuner.  This instrument is in good playing condition with a 5th string capo newly installed to make key changes easy.  The action at the upper end of the neck is left slightly high  but not bad considering the age of the instrument and sits well for classic clawhammer playing. The banjo comes with original hard shell case and makes this a vintage bargain ready to give it's next player years of enjoyment. 
Gibson B-25 Deluxe
​This vintage 1970's Gibson has just been reduced to $995.00 it features one of the slimest necks we've seen and is ideal for a player with smaller hands,. This instrument is in good structural condition with just a few small repaired top cracks. Its made of all soild woods and will give it's mew owner years oif enjoyment  

Christopher upright bass
This is a brand new and expertly set up upright bass with a beautifully carved and adjustable bridge. Ready to go. $2395.00 

Actively seeking consignments of quality instruments and equipment.

Expert setups and repairs   -   Music lessons by top area musicians.

Main Street Music is primarily a "folk" acoustic instrument shop, but we also feature some quality electric guitars, tube amplifiers etc. This website has only a partial listing of the instruments we have in stock.
We also offer our instruments online through Gbase.com.  But if you’re more of a hands-on shopper, please come by and see us.  We like it that way.  

Some Items of note currently available at Main Street Music:

1924 Gibson "A"Style "snakehead" Lloyd Loar era Mandolin - see mandolin page for details.

1960 Gibson J-50 - with good action and monster good tone - see guitar page.

1970s Gibson B-25 Deluxe - lots of tone in a small package with thin neck profile - see guitar page.

1992 Dobro Hawaiian - a vintage instrument in mint condition  - see guitar page.

2002 Deering Guitar-banjo - the well-known "Boston" model, in mint condition - see banjo page.

1964 Guild Capri Archtop Acoustic-Electric - with 2 humbuckers and in excellent condition- see guitar page.

1979 Wine Red Fender Stratocaster - with fat frets and a lead humbucker installed - see guitar page.

Vintage LP "Galaxy" Congas - they weigh mucho and sound like it - call for details.

Original Korg Wave Drum - together with editor, rim and flight case - a rare find - call for details.Editor, rim and f 
Now featuring Deering banjo
with more of there high end selection to come. 
Deering Goodtime 2

Deering Goodtime

The proprietors of The New Main Street Music 
come visit us at our new localtion at 393 Main Street.

Members of the Steep Canyon Rangers hang with owner Jacob Bernz at Main Street Music

Members of the Steep Canyon Rangers hang with owner Jacob Bernz at Main Street Music

Here for sale is a Gibson A 2 from 1920's. it's seen a lot of play and it has it's share of nicks and scratchs the original gloss finish is worn through and the original pickguard is gone but this tone will reward you for years of play yet to come. price: asking $1,295 

Pete Seeger tries out a banjo at Main Street Music

local hand made made Mark Grazioso Dreadnaught Guitar $995.00 a beutifully made Guitar it doesn't get better than this.

Jake and Thomas Wesley Stern

Jake jams with roots group Thomas Wesley Stern

We offer a variety of strings, straps and accessories.

We offer a variety of strings, straps and accessories.

Co-owner Jacob Bernz at the store.

Co-owner Jacob Bernz at the store.

A recent addition, a beautiful  1997Guild D-30 BLD-maple sides and back.

A recent addition, a beautiful 1997Guild D-30 BLD-maple sides and back.

Gibson 5-string "conversion" banjo, circa 1927 and later.  See banjo page for details.

Gibson 5-string "conversion" banjo, circa 1927 and later. See banjo page for details.

Hand-made guitar from Artisan Fretted Instruments of Williamsburg, MA. See guitar page for details.

Bill Vanaver

Bill Vanaver tries a Fairbanks-Vega

Owners Jacob Bernz and his father David Bernz play their instruments down by the Hudson River.

Tom Chapin

Tom Chapin jams with Michael Mark and John Cobert

Matt Emmer

Our friend Matt Emmer tries an old S. S. Stewart Mandolin

German violin

A century-old German violin restored by Rafael Storm. See our violin page for details.

Perry Robinson

Renowned clarinetist Perry Robinson has fun with a flutophone

Thom Joyce

Hudson Valley musician Thom Joyce composes a new tune on a Blue Ridge tenor guitar

Masachusetts based singer Karen Brooks and owner Jacob Bernz

Jeff Haynes

World class percussionist Jeff Haynes tries his hand at the acoustic bass.